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We Can offer solution based systems to meet your requirement

PPG is a leading supplier of strapping and wrapping machines ranging from standard strapping and wrapping machines for general warehouse use through to purpose designed and built fully integrated strapping and wrapping lines designed for 24 hour production.

With 20 years’ experience and numerous installations in the Hay, Brick and Block, Tile and Extrusion and Bottling industries and with the support of our suppliers in Europe and Asia PPG can offer solution based systems to meet your requirement. With an extensive range of spare parts and technicians with 20 years’ experience we are able to support your equipment ongoing and assist with training your staff to keep your machinery running at optimum performance.

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avr900 high speed pallet wrapper

High Speed Ring Pallet Wrapper with patented tuck and weld system

The AVR900 comes in 2 versions with single film carriage capable of doing 100 pallets per hour and dual film carriage which can deliver 140 pallets per hour. The ring is driven by belts so there are no collector rings making it efficient and low maintenance.

AV1620 Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper

av1620 eotary arm pallet wrapper

The AV1620 is a robust in-line fully automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper than can be integrated into an existing conveyor line or part of a purpose designed and built system.

(42-44 packs per hour)

Fully Automatic 08RP Vertical Strapping Machine

fully automatic 08rp vertical strapping machine

The OMS 08RP strapping machine suits all industries and has the option top press with up to 1800 N. Greater tension available due to vertical head movement, and more evenly applied tension available due to head compensation action.

OMS Model 043 Strapping Unit

oms o43 strapping unit

  • Vertically straps a wide variety of conveyed products
  • Vertical Movement of the Strapping Head with Fixed Arch
  • Compact dimensions facilitate integration in tight spaces
  • 200,000 cycles between services with OMS Strapping Heads


OMS 08RP Side Sealing Strapping System

oms 08rp strapping machine

  • Side Seal Strapping of conveyed or palletized products
  • Fully Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Optional Strapping Head Movement for greater tension
  • 200,000 cycles between major services with OMS Strapping Heads

IS43 And IS46 Stretch Hooding Machines

IS43 IS46 stretch hooding machines

Ideal for brick, block and cement bagging applications a this machine applies caps, sleeves or full hoods with ears flush to the pack leaving a nice even top so no water and dust can gather making for optimum presentation.

Easy Integration Over Existing Conveyors 

Can be installed over existing conveyors without modifications. Pack or Pallet lifting device may be required.

Driven Film Reel Holder(s) With Air Mandrels

Motorized air mandrels eliminate core slippage and mitigate the effects of film blocking. They can support steel, plastic or cardboard cores up to 500kg.


OMS Model AVFP2 Vertical Compression
Strapping And Stretch Wrapping Machine

With 0-2000kg press force and twin Swords penetrate pallet voids and an integrated Turntable Roller Conveyor for Cross Strapping the combined machine is ideal for the corrugated board industry and offers 250-300% Power Pre-Stretch and is capable of doing up to 20 pallets per hour.


oms model avfp2 vertical compression strapping stretch machine

Meat, Poultry And Seafood Packaging

GPS1SS Stainless Steel Semi Auto

gps 1ss stainless food wrapper

PPG offers a wide range of standard and specially designed stainless steel strapping machines suit the harsh environment where HACCP is required and offers a rust free exterior ideal for food packaging.

GPA101S Stainless Steel Auto Strapping Machine

gpa101S stainless steel auto strapping machine

The GPA101S is ideal for strapping cartons in the food industry and can be adapted to operate via a food pedal. PLC controlled this model is very popular in the meat, seafood and poulty industries and comes in a fully automatic belt or roller driven versions to work in an active conveyor system to strap the carton automatically without an operator.

Standard Pallet Wrapping Machines

Protect Range Of Wrappers

buy protect range wrappers

PPG offers a wide range of stand-alone pallet wrappers for general warehouse use from friction brake stretch systems through to power pre-stretched heads up to 300% pre-stretch. We also offer stand-alone wrapper with integrated scales to weigh your pallets on the turntable at the time of wrapping. Each wrapper is capable of wrapping up to 2 tonne in weight and 2.4m high packs. These units come complete with European drives, sensors and switches.

Carton Sealing (Taping) Machines

carton sealing machines

PPG offers a variety of side drive belt driven carton taping machines in both uniform and random versions and available with safety guarding. These are an ideal and cost effective way of taping your boxes and can be done as stand-alone or as part of a conveyor line system.


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