A range of corrugated packaging to meet the needs of a broad range of industries

PPG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging to commercial, consumer industrial and retail display industries.

With extensive production capabilities incorporating in-house structural and graphic design facilities, PPG offers quality finished cardboard and corrugated packaging products to a diverse range of customers in the commercial, industrial and FMCG markets.

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Products and Capabilities (RSC, HSC, FFSC)

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

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The outer flaps on the top and the bottom of the RSC meet at the centre and can be taped, glued or stapled to close. This style is the most commonly used carton, it is also the most cost effective to manufacture.


Half Slotted Container (HSC)

half slotted cartons

The outer flaps on the bottom of the HSC meet at the centre and can be taped, glued or stapled to close, the top is open. This style is often used as a base and lid combination.

Full Flap Slotted Container (FFSC)

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The outer flaps on the top and the bottom of the FFSC completely overlap and can be taped, glued or stapled to close. This style is often used where the product contained is heavy or needs extra protection.

Die Cut Cartons

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The DIE CUT has endless styles and is designed to fit exact product specifications, all die cut styles require a cutting form. This is generally a more expensive style to set up but allows the customer to add extra features.

Pallet Pads

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The PAD is a corrugated sheet of board, used mainly for separating product contained in a carton. This style is cut to specification, and provides added protection to your product.

Single Face Rolls

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Single Face Rolls are made from continuous corrugated cardboard and a single liner of paper laminated together. This product is especially suited for wrapping product ready for shipping. It’s suitable for online sellers and distribution centre. Single Face Corrugated Cardboard rolls are an excellent alternative to plastic wrapping products.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Packaging

nuy meat poultry seafood cartons

We offer a wide range of specialised carton designs and services for the meat, smallgoods, poultry, seafood industries. Our products will help to safeguard your product, promote your brand and do so in a manner which is cost-effective to your business.

Machine Erected Bases and Lids

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Machine erected cartons are mostly die cut and widely used on high volume packaging like in breweries and confectionery industries. Pro-Pac can offer a wide range of machine erected carton designs and can also assist with carton erecting machines to suit your needs.

Processed Food Packaging

processed food packaging cartons

We offer you the most complete carton packaging range for food processing packaging. All our packaging offers consumer convenience, easy opening, and the ability to give your brand maximum exposure.

Wine and Beverage Boxes

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From a simple brown box, to a complex carton with premium quality printing designed just for you Pro-Pac will be able to tailor the right package for you.

Shelf Ready Packaging

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The advantages shelf-ready packaging are many. In addition to ensuring the safe transport of your products, our custom made shelf ready cartons can easily transform your shipper into retail ready display trays ready for consumer purchase.

Stock Cartons

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Our range of stock boxes are great for most applications. When you need a box fast, and you don’t need thousands, when you just want a good quality plain brown box to transport your products, the Pro-Pac stock range is the way to go. 

You can order as few as 25 boxes.

Printers Cartons

buy wholesale printers cartons

We cater to printers at excellent prices due to large manufactured volumes. Printers can get all their packaging requirements at Pro-Pac in a variety of sizes including A5, A4 and A3.

Industrial Boxes

industrial cartons

With our in-house design capabilities Pro-Pac works in partnership with your business to engineer your perfect packaging outcome. Pro-Pac has the experience and expertise to design small to large industrial packaging to suit all your needs.

Fruit and Produce / Bins

food bins cartons

If you’re a grower or packing fruit and vegetables, Pro-Pac can deliver a complete packaging solution to get any produce to market in premium condition. With our wide printing capabilities and creative design we can get the maximum exposure for your brand and product.

Point Of Sale Displays

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We specialise in creating branded display solutions for all your needs We are able to help you design and prototype before your production run. With facilities all over Australia, combined with our partnerships in the industry developed over many years we are in a position to ensure your lead time and budgetary requirements are met on your next project.

Flexography Printing

flexo printing

Flexographic printing process utilizes a relief type plate. The technology employs plates with a raised image (relief) and only the raised image come in contact with the substrate during printing. Flexographic plates are made of a flexible material, such as plastic, rubber or UV sensitive polymer (photopolymer), so that it can be attached to a roller or cylinder for ink application. The flexibility enables the plate to wrap around the print cylinder.

Lithographic Printing

lithograophic printing

Lithography is an "offset" printing technique. Ink is not applied directly from the printing plate to the substrate as it is in flexography. Ink is applied to the printing cylinder to form the "image" and then transferred or "offset to a rubber blanket“ mounted on the print cylinder. The image on the blanket is then transferred to the substrate (typically paper or paperboard) to produce the printed product. This process of printing is widely used in the retail packaging sector and point of sale packaging and displays.

Our service offering and commitment to our clients:

  • Responsiveness and fast turn-around from brief to order with state of the art design and sampling capabilities.
  • Reliable, on time supply.
  • Superior, consistent quality and customer service.
  • The best possible price.

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