Plastic Packaging and the Environment


Having attractive looking packaging isn’t enough these days. The pack has to be protective, increase shelf life, be fit for purpose, easy to use and have some environmental credentials. And, all of this has to come at the right price and with great service and delivery. 


Why Use Plastic Packaging?

Flexible plastic packaging helps extend shelf life by incorporating barrier properties that control oxygen transfer and moisture transfer rates. It can also protect your product from UV light and odour to create a modified atmosphere pack that can be vacuum sealed or thermoformed.

Plastic Packaging and the Environment


Environmentally Friendly

Flexible packaging makes products more resource-efficient by using less packaging, lowering the overall environmental impact. It is said that “ truckload of unfilled flexible pouches...can replace 26 truckloads of unfilled glass jars.”


Did You Know?
Packaging 25L of beverage requires roughly:
22 kg of glass or
2.7kg of rigid PET or
1.4kg of aluminium or only
0.7kg of flexible plastic?


When supplying products these days, more and more customers are asking for environmentally sustainable and friendly packaging solutions - solutions that address recyclability. PPG has quite a bit going on in this space and has plenty of data to back up our actions in this area. All this information can be found on the Sustainability section of our website


Or visit to learn more about the recycling of plastics to be used as substitutes for timber and other materials for outdoor furniture, boardwalks, decking and railway sleepers.


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