Mildura Weekly Articles on Integrated Recycling


Integrated Recycling, a PPG company, was recently featured in two Mildura Weekly articles in their June 22, 2018 and June 29, 2018 editions.

Integrated Recycling has been awarded a state government grant of $130,000.


This grant will be used to upgrade their Mildura plant and be "used to improve the company's production line capacity and efficiency, also allow it to upgrade its raw material storage area, and improve the process to prepare recycled plastics for new products".


“The funding comes as part of the State Government’s investment in waste reduction and improving infrastructure.


Integrated Recycling Pty Ltd General Manager, Stephen Webster, said his company was delighted to receive the funding which was going to enhance their operations in the Mildura recycled plastics manufacturing centre.


Integrated Recycling produce a composite, recycled plastic product, which is used as a substitute for timber and other material, in a variety of applications” such as outdoor furniture, boardwalks,decking and bollards.


Both Mildura Weekly articles can be downloaded here

Infrastructure grant for local plastics recycler, Mildura Weekly, 22 June, 2018

Council to explore opportunities with plastic recycler to process local waste, Mildura Weekly, 29 June, 2018



1. Dooley, J 2018, "Infrastructure grant for local plastics recycler', Mildura Weekly, 22 June, p. 15

2. Dooley, J 2018, "Council to explore opportunities with plastic recycler to process local waste', Mildura Weekly, 29 June, p. 8

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